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A Little About Us...

Welcome to Chef Jeff's BBQ! We are glad you're here, and we'd love to share the story behind our tasty sauce.

Our first daughter was born December 1987.. our second in July 1989.. and our third child, a son, in February 1991. If you do the math, we had three babies in three short years.. and that's where Chef Jeff's career began! Jeff wasn't a 'real' chef.. but worked hard then came home to his loving.. and really tired wife and three young children. So in his creative way he became the chef of the Case household. His role extended to family holidays, camp chef on camping trips, and cooking for larger gatherings over the years. He has affectionately been known as chef Jeff by family and friends for as long as we can remember. His BBQ sauce and meat rubs have become his trademark and the dream was born to share this goodness with all!

Please Enjoy!
Jeff and Leslie Case

Chef Jeff with his family on a snow trip back in the 90's
Chef Jeff's BBQ sauce bottles lined up in front of a "Love" painting

Signature BBQ Sauce


We sell our private label sauce both online and at local retailers! Get yours.

Chef Jeff with his wife Leslie

Growlers are here!

Available on request. Send an email using form below!

Excellent Saucy Uses

  • Anything from the barbecue

  • Roasted potatoes

  • Breakfast eggs

  • Wak! mixed with mayo for a dipping sauce... Yum!

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